Original Music by MAURO COLANGELO

Mauro Colangelo is an international, award-winning composer of music as well as a keyboardist and drummer.  With over 20 years of industry experience, he has succesfully produced music and sound for major international advertising campaigns (Sprite, Coca Cola, Ferrari, Fiat , Alfa Romeo, Samsonite, Mattel, Reebok, Olidata, Vigorsol, Kinder Nutella, Siemens, COX comunications, Textron, Hasbro, Ansa etc.), film scores ( Inkubus, Fixing America, The curse of Micah Rood, A Light in the Dark, Love is Blind, etc.. ) and international radio jingle packages ( One FM, Lausanne FM, 105 FM, 105 Classic FM, RDS, RTL, Radio Montecarlo, Radio/Tv Capri, Radio Norba, Latteemiele etc.).  He has also performed live with numerous renowned recording artists such as Ricky Martin, Juanes, Lene-Aqua, and Alex Baroni. A master of studio production, he has honed his skills by combining his knowledge of analog recording techniques with the latest digital workstations. “Edgy”, “Tasty”, and “Always innovative” are common comments that describe his music. Mauro’s work never fails to impress with the perfect blend of creative content mixed with the top notch quality of the sound. He is available as a freelance artist and eagerly embraces new challenges.